The course list is a fundamental part of your UR Courses experience, and you can adjust the sort order of courses to suit your preferences. You can also limit the number of courses displayed in the list, to hide courses you do not access frequently for example, and to make the dashboard load faster.

Reordering Courses

The course list can be reordered by clicking the Customise this page button found in the top right corner of the UR Courses Dashboard page.

You can then drag and drop your courses using the arrow handles to be in the the order that suits you.

Once you've finished, go back to the top right corner of the page and click Stop customising this page.

Hide Courses From Your List

If your course list is long and slow to load you may want to hide some of the courses you use less frequently. To hide your courses, you will want to navigate to the course overview settings area and locate the Number of courses to display dropdown menu on the Dashboard.

Change the dropdown value to indicate the number of courses you want to display in your course list.

Hint: Only the number of courses listed in the dropdown menu will be displayed. If you would like to hide specific courses from view, simply move them to the bottom of your course list using the reorder steps mentioned above, and select a smaller number of courses to display.