The Enrolment menu allows an instructor to associate enrolment sections with an existing course. Enrolment processing typically begins one month prior to the start of term, and is updated three times a day. Once in the morning, once at noon, and once again in the early evening.

  • Navigate to the course you wish to associate enrolment with.

  • Open the More menu within this course and select Add enrolment.

    Enrolment button

  • Once the term has been selected, a list will appear containing all of the available CRNs associated with your account and the selected term. Click the checkbox next to each section you wish to associate with the selected course.

    If you are associating multiple enrolment sections within the same course, you may wish to check the final option to create groups within the course for each section.

    Enrolment selection

  • Once you have associated an enrolment section with your course, the student list will appear later the same day or by the next morning.

If you do not wish students to have early access to the course, please ensure the course availability has been set to hidden. When the course availability is hidden, students will only be able to see the course summary on their UR Courses dashboard, and will not be able to enter the course.

When you are ready for students to gain access to the course, ensure enrolment has been associated and make the course available to students.

Once a course has been taught, it is recommended that you create a duplicate of the course prior to making preparations for the next delivery.