Once you've logged in to UR Courses, a list of the courses you are currently enrolled in should appear. Click on a course title link to enter the desired course.


Each course is typically split into two or three columns organized with extra resources on the right and left sections and the course content, assignments, and activities in the middle section.

The right and left columns of the course page usually include links to resources, such as upcoming events, recent activity, etc. Take some time in the beginning to familiarize yourself with these elements as they won't nesecarily be the same for each course.

The top area of the Course Homepage contains the University logo, your name with various personal options including a logout option, the course title and links for navigation from the Dashboard to the current page. Each link can then be clicked to access a previous section or page of the UR Course site.

To access any resource or activity within UR Courses, you typically just follow links found within the content area of the course homepage, or by navigating through the Activities block (if available).

Note: To get back to the course homepage, click on the Course Title in the top links, and not the Home link. The Home link will take you back to the main page that lists all of the courses you have access to.

Navigation Menu

In the top left of each page, there is a button with three horizontal lines. Clicking that will open or close the Navigation Menu which you can use to access elements of your course or access other courses.

Content Sections

Depending on how a course is organized by an instructor, you may have all topics or weeks displayed down the middle section of the course homepage or they may display as one section per page, with navigation links for moving back and forth. If the topics are collapsed, you can click on the title to expand each topic.

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