External Tool activity

The External tool activity module enables students to interact with learning resources and activities on other web sites. For example, an external tool could provide access to a new activity type or learning materials from a publisher.

To create an external tool activity, a tool provider which supports LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is required. An instructor can create an external tool activity or make use of a tool configured by the site administrator.

External tool activities differ from URL resources in a few ways:

  • External tools are context aware i.e. they have access to information about the user who launched the tool, such as institution, course and name
  • External tools support reading, updating, and deleting grades associated with the activity instance
  • External tool configurations create a trust relationship between your site and the tool provider, allowing secure communication between them
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IMS content package activity

An IMS content package is a collection of files which are packaged according to an agreed standard so they can be reused in different systems. The IMS content package module enables such content packages to be uploaded as a zip file and added to a course as a resource.

Content is usually displayed over several pages, with navigation between the pages. There are various options for displaying content in a pop-up window, with a navigation menu or buttons etc.

An IMS content package may be used for presenting multimedia content and animations.

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Lightbox Gallery activity

The Lightbox Gallery enables you to upload images to be displayed in a gallery style.

As an instructor, you are able to create a gallery instance and add images individually or by uploading multiple images within a zip file. Thumbnail images will be generated for every vaild image file found.

The thumbnails are then displayed across a number of rows and columns, (depending on configuration). Clicking on a thumbnail opens the larger version within an overlay, and allows one to navigate through the gallery with the on-screen menu options or via keyboard navigation (Arrow keys, N for Next, P for Previous, C or ESC to Close).

If enabled, course members are able to leave comments within the gallery.

With advanced configuration through role overrides, it's also possible to have students or other course members contribute to the gallery as well.

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Scheduler activity

The Scheduler activity helps you in scheduling appointments with your students.

Instructors specify time slots for meetings, students then choose one of them on Moodle. Instructors in turn can record the outcome of the meeting - and optionally provide a grade - within the scheduler.

Group scheduling is supported; that is, each time slot can accommodate several students, and optionally it is possible to schedule appointments for entire groups at the same time.

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