The Quiz tool allows for online short quizzes, major exams, or study purposes. Depending on its purpose, the features will vary.

Before a Quiz

  1. Pay attention to the date, time limit, and number of attempts the quiz has. For example a quiz may be open from 8:00am to 8:00pm but have a time limit of 20 minutes. This means that you must begin the quiz after 8:00am and complete it before 8:00pm.
  2. Some instructors provide a practice quiz. Always try this one first if available.
  3. Opt for a landline connect and do not depend on wireless for quizzes, especially for longer exams or those that include essay questions.
  4. Remember, all searched web pages you travel to within your course will be logged and recorded as you complete the exam. If your exam is closed book, do not load other pages outside of the quiz until you finish the quiz.
  5. Try to find a quiet location without distraction or interruptions so the time limit is not wasted.
  6. If you experience a technical difficulty, such as an internet outtage or a computer failure, contact your instructor as soon as possible to discuss what to do.

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Taking a Quiz

  1. Click on the quiz link
  2. Select the ‘Attempt quiz now’ button
  3. Sometimes, there will be a pop-up window indicating a time limit - select the ‘Start attempt’ button to start clock count down. Once this timer begins, there is no way to pause it, so ensure that you are prepared to complete the exam.
  4. Answer each question. This can be done by using the ‘Quiz navigation’ or by using the 'Next’ button at page bottom.
  5. The ‘Quiz navigation’ box in the upper left-corner includes:
    1. links to each question
    2. the ‘Finish attempt’ link to close & lock the quiz
    3. the ‘Time left’ countdown clock

Note: Instructors can force questions to be answered in sequential order, which disables your ability to move back and forth between questions when configured this way.

  1. Students may also select the ‘Flag question’ icon to visually add a red flag, which makes it easier to return to the question before finishing, time permitting.
  2. Save answers as you go, in case you lose connection.
  3. When you are finished there will be a ‘Finish attempt’ link in the ‘Quiz navigation’ box which locks your answers.

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Question Types

There are several types of questions which could appear in quizzes. The most common are:

  • Multiple choice
  • Essay
  • Matching
  • Short answer
  • True/False

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Saving the Quiz

Quizzes can be set up two ways, which has an impact on saving & completing the quiz.

  1. Sequential navigatio forces students to answer questions in order. Selecting the ‘Next’ button at the page bottom saves & locks the page and takes you to the next page. (Example: Question 1, Question 2, Question 3, and so on). It disables moving backward within the quiz. When on the last page of the quiz use the ‘Finish attempt’ link in the ‘Quiz navigation’ box to complete the quiz.
  2. Free navigation allows you to bounce around and complete the quiz in no particular order! (Example: Question 2, Question 30, then Question 13). When finished answering all questions, save using the ‘Finish attempt link in the ‘Quiz navigation’ box.

Once you have completed the quiz, you should make sure that you click 'Finish Attempt' to submit your exam. In most cases, timed quizzes are automatically submitted at the end of the time limit, whether you have finished the exam or not. It is still best to click 'Finish Attempt' before the time runs out/before the due date/time to ensure that your attempt is fully submitted.

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Checking Grades

  1. Click on the quiz link within your course
  2. In the ‘Review’ column you will see either ‘Not permitted’ or a ‘Review’ link.
  3. Click on the ‘Review’ link, if available, and the completed quiz will appear. This may include which questions you got correct and which incorrect, correct answers, and/or feedback.
  4. To view scores, click on Grades in the Navigation block.
  5. All grade items, including any quizzes the instructor has chosen to release will be listed.

Note: It is common for instructors to restrict the review options and only release marks within the course Grades area.

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