H5P (HTML5 Package) Interactive Content is a plugin for UR Courses that supports creating interactive content easily from right within your web browser. There are a growing number of content types available, such as presentations with embedded questions, interactive video, drag and drop activities, etc., all with great documentation and examples. H5P's goal is to enable everyone to create better content faster. To learn more about the H5P project, please visit https://h5p.org/about-the-project.

Creating an Activity

With H5P access enabled, you will be able to add Interactive Content activities to your course.


To add an H5P activity:

  1. Turn Edit Mode on.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource in the desired section and select the H5P activity from the menu.
  3. Add a name for the H5P activity. Add a description if desired.
  4. Add the H5P package file. h5p2
  5. Select Save and return to course or Save and display.

Manual and Guides Provided by H5P

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Content Types

With H5P access enabled, the majority of interactive content types from H5P.org can be created within UR Courses. The only content types that will not be available are those that have been discovered to be problematic within our environment.

For an overview of the interactive content types and activities available, please refer to the H5P Examples Page.

H5P content types

For more information
  • For more information on getting started with H5P content types, please visit their Content author guide.

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Working with H5P activities

H5P activities can be accessed from the course main page, or embedded within other elements of your course, like Books, Pages, or other activities and resources.

In order to embed the activity elsewhere…

When embedding an interactive activity elsewhere in the course, the activity itself can be orphaned in order to be hidden from the main course page. Please note, the activity must remain visible in order to be accessible to the students.

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Currently all H5P activities will appear within the Grades area of your course when created or added with the plugin.


It is recommended that H5P content activities only be used for self-assessment, participation, or engagement purposes.

It is also recommended to move all H5P activities into their own category within the gradebook so that they can be hidden from view or easily removed from the overall gradebook calculations.

The H5P plugin stores basic results such as the start and stop times, scores, and max scores, per student per H5P Content Type. This information is overwritten each time the student completes the activity so it will only display the results of their last attempt. A report for each attempt includes a summary of all answers provided and points awarded within the activity.


To learn more about viewing this information, continue on to the activity reports section below.

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Activity Reports

H5P stores the results of the students interactions for most of the H5P content types.

To access these activity reports:

  1. Go to the H5P activity you want to check the reports.
  2. Click Attempts report. h5p5
  3. Each student that has completed the activity will be listed by name along with their score, maximum score, and when the activity was last completed. To view the answers provided by the student during their attempt at the activity, click on View user attempts. h5p6
  4. You will be able to see the use highest score attempt and all attempts. Select the attempt you want to check and click View report. h5p7
  5. The report, as pictured below, will display a summary of each interaction, the answers provided, the total score, the outcome, the start date, the duration, and the completion status. h5p8

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Notes from experience

As we work with more of the available content types, related notes and suggestions will be updated below.

H5P Content Type
Course Presentation
  • allows users to add multiple choice, fill in the blanks, text, summary, and other types of interactions to their presentations using only a web browser
Interactive Video
  • allows users to add multiple choice and fill in the blank questions, pop-up text, summary to their videos using only a web browser
Dialog Cards
  • text-based turning cards
  • add images, audio clip
  • enables authors to create great language learning resources
Drag and Drop
  • drag words to images
  • drag words to template such as table cells
  • Appears that hover text does not show with image.
  • Must associate drop zone label with value rather than title or appears as hover text answer
Fill in the Blanks
  • can alternate answers (e.g., *tablets/tabs*)
  • can add images
  • must be conducive to simple word responses; spacing of questions may be unreliable, italics/plain font function not reliable
Find Multiple Hot Spots
  • hotspots reveal text, images, or videos when clicked
Quiz Question Set
  • supports many question types (e.g., multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag the words, mark the words and regular drag and drop).
  • essay question type not included
  • allows users to add multiple choice, fill in the blanks, text and other types of interactions and group them in a column layout.
  • choose correct statements
  • provide automated feedback to a response the student has composed
  • authors can define a set of keywords that will trigger individual responses if they are found or not found within the response.
  • student's response remains in text box even when browser refreshed - able to compare with check answer
  • does not currently save responses or results within gradebook
  • does not integrate with other question sets

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Authoring on H5P.org

While it is recommended to create H5P content from right within UR Courses, in some cases the editor area may be a bit too constrained to work within in terms of size. If you find that to be the case, it is possible to develop H5P content within the authoring tool on H5P.org, and then upload the H5P file into an H5P Interactive Content activity within UR Courses. This method still requires access to H5P within UR Courses, othwerwise your content can only be embedded and will then actually reside on H5P.org. Activities embedded in this manner will not appear in the gradebook.

It is important to note that content stored on H5P.org may have limited duration as work on the commercial hosting of H5P content evolves.

H5P.org provides a free service for trying out H5P before installing it on your own site or signing up for the upcoming H5P.com. Be aware that all test content created on H5P.org is publicly available.

— H5P Authoring Tool - https://h5p.org/node/add/h5p-content

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