The Calendar tool displays Upcoming Events that are Global, Course, Group, or User related. Many of the items that appear in the Calendar appear automatically when an assignment or other activity that is date sensitive is created by the instructor. The calendar events are colour coded by category. Global events are university-wide events and will be displayed regardless of which course you select.

Note: The Calendar may not appear in your course if the instructor has opted not to use it. A general calendar including events from all of your courses is availble on the main course listing page.

The Calendar can be used to see at a glance all important forthcoming events at course level or by students to remind themselves of course deadlines. Students can create a user event for a course which is only seen by them in the Upcoming Events block.

If you see the Upcoming Events block, you can also click "Go to calendar" to see the calendar and a list of upcoming events. At the top of the page, you can use the dropdown menu to select seeing all courses, or individual courses.

Creating new Events

You can add your own events to the calendar as "User events." This will allow you to keep track of assignments and requirements that do not already appear in the calendar. Note that user events will be visible in any course you select because they are specific to you. No one else will see these events.

  1. Login and select your course title
  2. In Upcoming Events, select New Event (at the bottom of the Upcoming Events block)
  3. Enter New event details like Name, Description, Date, Repeats etc. Then select Save changes
  4. Your event will appear in the Upcoming Events block on the main course page that only you will see (highlighted in blue)

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