WeBWorK (https://openwebwork.org/) is an open-source online homework and exam system primarily designed for math and science.

  • It has an extensive library of math, physics, engineering, and computer science problems.
  • The system is integrated into UR Courses, so managing student accounts for a course is automatic, and grades can be passed back to the UR Courses grade book if configured.

Getting started

If WeBWorK is of interest, please see section 2.2 of the WeBWork instructor notes for information on how to apply for a course page. If you require a UR Courses class to be set up for WeBWorK, please let us know a minimum of 3 days (5 preferred) before the start of your class.

General instructions for instructors are available on the WeBWorK server

Watching the video Dr. Petry created before reading the instructions may help you understand WebWorK better:


  • This video briefly takes you through the typical steps of using the software and looks at the two ways you can use it in UR Courses.
  • Viewing this video may help you decide whether you will benefit from WeBWorK.

A second video at https://youtu.be/jAv-SuuUCMQ illustrates actual examinations using WeBWorK.

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