The messaging tool is for sending instant messages, and is separate from course email.

Note: It is recommended to communicate with your instructor via course email and not by instant messaging unless otherwise stated by the instructor.


You can send a message to other students within the same course by doing the following:

  1. check to see if the student is online by looking at the Online Users block (if availble within your course)
  2. click on Participants
  3. click on the intended recipient’s name
  4. click the Send message button
  5. Compose your message and finally click Send. If the student is online and has not turned on "Prevent non-contacts from messaging me," they will receive the message in an overlay at the bottom of the page and may respond. If they are not online, they may recieve a notification email at their email account (depending on their messaging notification preferences), but will otherwise only receieve the message the next time they login.

To access your messages, click on the arrow next to your profile picture at the top of the page then click Messages. This will allow you to view any messages you have received.

To adjust your messaging and notification preferences, Click the arrow beside your profile picture at the top of the page then click Preferences > Messaging.

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