When you login to UR Courses, your UR Courses page will show an email icon for each one of your courses, if you have something in your inbox for that course. If you see an email icon for a course, go into that course right away and check your inbox.

Email sent by students and instructors using the course mail tool stay within the course, although you can choose to be notified of email to your U of R email address (@uregina.ca), so an important habit is to check your UR Courses email on a daily basis. The mail tool works like most email programs and has an Inbox, Sent, and Trash as well as a New Message, Manage Folders and Email Notification icons to use.

Note: If students have Forum subscriptions turned on, all forum postings will be emailed to the U of R email address (@uregina.ca) that appears in the student's profile, NOT the Course email area accessed within the course. Unless your instructor has removed this option to make sure no one misses any important information, you can choose not to get these emails by unsubscribing to the forum(s).*

Sending Course Email

  1. Login and select your course title
  2. Click on the Email link in the Activities block
  3. Select New Message
  4. Select an addressee from the Participants list, (use CTRL or SHIFT to select more than one addressee), then click on the left pointing arrow<
  5. Enter Subject line, and type message in the HTML message box
  6. You can also Browse for attachments (up to 16MB) in one of two ways: 1) drag and drop the file into the file area or 2) click "Choose a file...”, click the Browse button to choose file to attach then "Open", then click the “Upload this file” button”. Repeat for each additional file to be attached. Don't be shy, email your instructor if you have questions.
  7. Finally, click Send

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Forwarding Course Email

Students can choose to receive notifications for all UR Courses email at their @uregina.ca email account. This is selected by default. To confirm or change this:

  1. Click on the Course Email link in UR Courses
  2. Click on the Email Notification tab
  3. Check the Notify me box for each course you wish to recieve notifications for
  4. Click Save my preferences at the bottom of the page

Note: This will provide notification but it is not possible to reply to the message from a @uregina.ca email account. To read the email and reply, you must log into UR Courses.

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