There are a few things to consider when prepping a course for redelivery.

Duplicating your course

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Open the Course Tools menu and select Duplicate this course
  3. Update the course full name to reflect the new delivery. It is recommended to incorporate the term within the full and short names for the course, such as My Course 101 (Fall 2022).
  4. Select the appropriate category for the course if not already set.
  5. Update the course start and end dates to align with the new delivery schedule.
  6. Click Duplicate this course. The course content will be duplicated and you will be taken to the new course.

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Updating activity dates within your course

  1. Click on the gear menu and select the Reports tab.

  2. Select the Dates report.

  3. If you wish to display activity completion details on the course home page, ensure that Show activity completion conditions is set to Yes.

  4. You can filter the list by activity type, or click the Expand all link to work through all activities at once.

  5. Make changes to the listed activities as appropriate.

  6. Once you have completed adjusting the activity dates, click Save changes.

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