Instructor Guide

There are a number of activities and resources available within UR Courses to make use of within your course. This guide provides tips and overviews regarding the activities and resources currently available.

For a summary of the most recent changes, please refer to the What's New section.

Additional information on remote teaching is also available on the University of Regina website.

UR Courses is currently based on Moodle version 3.11.8+. For any additional information, you can also refer to the Moodle 3.11 documentation.

Getting Started

Learn more about creating and managing your course.

Communication Tools

There are a number of options available for communicating with your students.


There are many ways to add content within your course.

Assessment and Activities

Additonal information is also available on the Assessment page, which is frequently updated.


If you haven't found what you are looking for yet, the following resources are also available.

Video Tutorial Playlist

Sit back and watch our short clips that explain how to do common tasks within UR Courses.

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    UR Courses Tutorials

    This playlist contains videos that explain various features and functionality within UR Courses for instructors.

    Watch UR Courses Tutorials

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    Non UR Courses technology/software

    This playlist contains technology/software videos that are not directly related to UR Courses but may be effective for remote/online course delivery.

    Watch Non UR Courses technology/software

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    Pedagogy Webinars/Recordings

    These videos are shortened versions of webinars created by the Flexible Learning ID Team in April/May 2020. The focus of the videos is on pedagogy. They offer tips and tricks on rethinking your course for remote delivery.

    Watch Pedagogy Webinars/Recordings

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    Quiz Tutorials

    Watch Quiz Playlist