UR Courses includes numerous reports that allow you to monitor activity in your course site. The most commonly used are the Logs and Live Logs. Both of these reports allow you to see a variety of participant reactions with the course, including viewing pages, submitting assignments, and beginning or ending quizzes. The log options can be found under the Administration block in the Reports area.

Logs can be useful for checking on student activity within a particular course site. They cannot, however, monitor other browser tabs a student may have open. Logs can only provide limited information.

Any problems with a person's internet connection outside the University's network such as home wifi connectivity, or problems with Internet service providers (e.g. Sasktel) will not be tracked in the logs.

Note: If a person is connecting to UR Courses using a VPN, the VPN address will be logged instead of their IP. There are many reasons people use VPN connections, and this by itself is not necessarily cause for suspicion.

Viewing Logs

The logs will provide you a reverse chronological list of activity in the course, based on the filters you used. Each entry is a particular activity by a particular user. The logs tell you what kind of activity it was, such as "viewed" or "attempt submitted," and the time it happened. It will register loading a particular page but cannot tell you if a student actually viewed a video or read a page. With these logs you can identify if a student loaded a page during a closed book exam, they did not attempt to submit an assignment until after the deadline, they did or did not view forums. The logs cannot tell you for certain if a student cheated but they can give you information which can be useful in determining how active they have been in the course and whether a story seems plausible or if a student was loading a page they should not have been at a particular time.

To view the Logs:

  1. Instead of clicking the Admin block click the gear on the right.
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select Logs
  4. Use the dropdowns to do any filtering you may want. Click Get these logs to view results.
You can filter by as many criteria as you like. The more criteria you filter by, the more specific the results. The most useful criteria to filter by are:
  • Participant - select one particular person in the course, which is useful if you want to see only interactions from one student
  • Day - select a particular date to view activity, useful for monitoring a day an assignment is due or a quiz date. Can also be used to check activity to see if it potentially matches a students' account of a technical difficulty.
  • Activity - select a particular element of the course to see ineractions relating to that particular activity only

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Viewing Live Logs

The Live log is a report of activity in the previous hour. It will automatically update if you remain on the page unless you pause it. This can be used to monitor activity on the site during an exam if there are concerns about students loading other pages during a closed book exam. It includes the IP address of the user although this may or may not be useful information given the prevalence of virtual networks and the possibility of student travel during a semester.

To view Live Logs:

  1. Instead of clicking the Admin block click the gear on the right.
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select Live logs
  4. View Live log

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