Maybe you need to create a brand new course, a duplicate, or just need a refresher?

This guide provides basic information about setting up your course site.

Create or duplicate a course

You can create or duplicate a course at any time within UR Courses.

If this is your very first course, please use the Faculty Course Request Form located within the instructor section of the UR Courses dashboard.

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If you are starting a completely new course, follow the process described on our Course Tools page for creating a new course.

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If you already have a course developed and wish to duplicate it for a different delivery, follow the process described on our Course Tools page for duplicating a course.

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Course Administration

There are a number of functions associated with the administration of a course.

  • You can adjust the name of your course at any time

  • You can change the availability of your course to students at any time.

  • The course summary for your course is a way to communicate with students when the course is not available, as the course summary always remains accessible.

  • You can control access to the course with course roles in order add another instructor or provide access to a teaching assistant.

  • You can make backups of your course at any time, prior to making large changes, or just for peace of mind.

  • The course upload file size limit can be increased if you have need to work with larger file sizes.

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Organizing your course

There are many ways to organize your course content and activities within UR Courses. For a brief overview and some suggestions, please refer to the Organizing your course page.

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