Student Guide

UR Courses is the online learning environment (OLE) used by the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges. This web based application offers a safe and secure environment where students are able to access course materials & activities posted by instructors.

Your UR Courses account is linked to your email account, and is automated based on registration.

If you add or drop a course, this will be updated within UR Courses approximately 24 hours later.

Note to students: The activities and resources mentioned below are listed here for reference purposes. Your instructor(s) may or may not be using them within your course.

Learn more by checking out the pages below. For a listing of information and contacts for additional support, please refer to the Student Support page.

Navigation, Course Notifications, & Preferences

There are a few things to generally be aware of that will assist you with navigating your course.

Communication Tools

There are a number of options available for communicating with your instructor and other members of your classes.

Assessment, Assignments, Quizzes & Exams

Your instructor may make use of a number of different activities for assessments and assignments. The following information should help to give you some idea of what to expect, along with resources for further support, and even a practice exam that you can access within UR Courses.


If you haven't found what you are looking for yet, the following resources are also available.

Video Tutorial Playlist

Sit back and watch our short clips that explain how to do common tasks within UR Courses.