Using filters allows UR Courses to perform some automatic formatting and linking within your course in a variety of contexts.

To enable a filter:

  1. Select the activity or resource where you wish to embed a filter.

    Note: It is not recommended to embed media on the main page of your course as it will be loaded for every visit to the course.

  2. Click on Filters in the Administration block.
  3. In the dropdown menu next to the filter you wish to enable, choose "On"
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

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Glossary Auto-linking

If you are using a Glossary in your course, you can turn on the Glossary Auto-linking filter to have the glossary entry linked to any included term in the course. Hovering your mouse over the term will pop up the glossary entry and provide a clickable link to navigate to that entry in the glossary.

This is useful for a few reasons:

  • If there are numerous terms in the course that may be new or difficult for students, they can easily find the explanation
  • Additional information can be provided for terms that are not explicitly covered in the course but are useful
  • There is no need to manually add links to explanations of specific terms

Note that turning this on for the entire course will also turn it on in the Quiz tool as well. If you do not wish it to function in the quiz tool but turn it on for the whole course, you will need to turn it off in the Quiz tool or anywhere else it should not be linking. This is why it is recommended to turn it on for particular activities and resources rather than applying it to the whole course.

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Activity Auto-linking

The Activity Auto-linking filter can automatically convert the name of any activity in the text of your course into a link.

  1. Type the name of the activity exactly as it is titled in a text area of your course (e.g. label, book, assignment description, forum description or post, page, etc). Note: The names must match exactly so it is good to think carefully when you name your activities.
  2. Go the Administration block for the activity or resource in which you want the link to appear and click on Filters
  3. Enable the Activity Name Auto-linking filter by selecting On in the dropdown
  4. Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page

Note: The autolinking will not work for any activity that is currently hidden. It will only appear after the activity has been made available. It will work with activities that are avaiable but not shown on main page.

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Using the Multimedia Filter

The Multimedia Filter allows you to embed multimedia items in your course without the need for additional code.

The multimedia filter may be used

  • To automatically embed YouTube videos by just pasting in the link
  • To automatically embed mp3 audio files in context by linking to an audio file on the web or uploading the file to UR Courses and providing a link to the file
For more information
  • Visit the Moodle Docs for the Multimedia Plugin Filter resource.

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Kaltura CE Media Filter

The Kaltura CE Filter within UR Courses will turn links to media hosted on into embedded video that provides playback options for all devices. The key to working with the filter is making sure it is enabled in your course, activity, or resource, as well as inserting links to the hosted media.

Any existing links to media hosted on the Kaltura server in the activity or resource for which you turned the filter on should now display as embedded players. This will apply to all future links as well.

A word of caution, the text within a link to Kaltura will be replaced when the media is embedded, so in most cases the link text should be the same as the url of the link itself.

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