Within UR Courses, Kaltura CE (Community Edition) can be used to host uploaded video, or to create video submission assignments for your students.

Benefits of this integration include:

  • Uploads can be much larger than the UR Courses upload limits

  • Videos are transcoded to be playable on all devices, and are optimized to match a variety of network speeds

  • Videos cannot be viewed or shared outside of UR Courses

Click Upload

If you would like to incorporate media within your course in this manner, please contact Trevor Cunningham (Manager, Instructional Technologies), for more information.

The following are brief descriptions of the components available within our Kaltura CE integraton.

My Media

The My Media page available in UR Courses can be accessed from the Navigation menu beneath the Dashboard link.

Navigate to My Media

Click Upload

Media that has been uploaded to your My Media page will be available elsewhere where video submissions or media selection are required.

The My Media page allows you to preview, edit, and share your media assets with other courses.

Accessing the My Media page will list all media hosted on urcourses-video.uregina.ca that has been associated with your UR Courses account.

Uploading Media

Upload media to Kaltura CE by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Navigate to My Media using the link in the Navigation menu.

    Navigate to My Media

  2. On the My Media main page, click the Upload button.

    Click Upload

  3. On the Media Upload page, click Choose a file to upload, and select the file you wish to upload.

    Click Upload

  4. Review the name that has been generated based on your filename, add tags, and a description if desired.

    Click Upload

  5. Click the Upload button at the bottom of the form to process the upload.

    Click Upload

  6. A progress bar will be displayed as the file is uploaded. This may take some time for large files and/or slow network connections.

    Click Upload

  7. Once the metadata has uploaded successfully, you will be presented with an overview of the new media entry. If you have no further media to upload, click Done to return to the My Media main page, or select Upload another file to restart the process.

    Click Upload

  8. On the My Media page, new entries will show that they are converting. This is the process where alternate versions are created for slower bandwidth and smaller devices. This process varies in length depending on the size and quality of the original file.

    Click Upload

Media Resource

The Media resource creates a new page that will allow you to display a Kaltura CE hosted media file within your course. The benefit of using a resource is that it can be hidden, conditionally released, and does not require the media to be embedded on the homepage, (which can reduce performance on some devices).

Media Assignment

The Assignment (Media) activity creates an assignment that will require the students to upload recorded media. It is possible to allow resubmissions if desired. When grading, thumbnails of the video submission are presented in a table. Clicking on the thumbnail will start playback of the submission. Aside from that, grading the assignment should be similar to other assignments within UR Courses.

Embedding media

There are times when you want to embed Kaltura CE hosted media within Books, Pages, or elsewhere within the course. In order to do this, you will need to have uploaded the video first through My Media or by creating a Media resource.

Quick Embed

  1. Navigate to My Media and find the entry you wish to embed within your course content. Click on the Embed button.

    Embed link in My Media

  2. Copy the url listed within the embed textarea.

    Copy the embed link

  3. Navigate to the area in your course where you wish to embed the video and create a link using the URL you just copied. The text of the link could be the URL or the name of the entry itself.

    Copy the embed link

  4. Ensure that the Kaltura CE filter has been enabled for the course or activity that you are working with. This is key to turning the link into an embedded player within UR Courses. In order to prevent sharing video links outside of UR Courses, the video cannot just be linked to directly, so this is a crucial step!

Using the Filepicker

  1. When editing content where you would like to embed the media file, click the Insert Moodle Media button on the editor toolbar.

    Insert Moodle Media

  2. A dialog menu will appear. Click on the Find or upload a sound, video or applet... button.

    Find or upload a sound, video or applet...

  3. The File picker menu will now appear. Click on Kaltura CE in the left hand panel. This will show a listing of folders. Either search for your entry or look in the My Media folder.

    File picker

  4. Click on the file you wish to embed. This will open a dialog to confirm that this is the file to be selected. Click Select this file to proceed.

    Select file

  5. Kaltura CE hosted videos can't be previewed at this stage, so just click the Insert button to continue.


  6. A link to the Kaltura CE hosted media has now been inserted into the content area. Save your changes.

    Link inserted

  7. If an embedded player does not appear you will need to enable the Kaltura CE Media filter within the activity or course by following the steps below.

In order to reduce the chance of videos being shared outside of UR Courses, Kaltura CE hosted videos typically cannot be played by visiting a link directly, (unless specifically configured to allow this). The video must be embedded and played within UR Courses.

Enabling the Filter

  1. In the Course or Activity Administration menu, click on Filters.


  2. Ensure that Kaltura CE Media filter has been set to On.

    Confirm Filter

Links to Kaltura CE hosted media should now appear as embedded videos.

About Kaltura CE

Kaltura CE (Community Edition) is an open-source, on-premise streaming video platform, developed through the combined efforts of Kaltura and the greater open-source community.

The Kaltura platform enables video streaming, management, publishing, and syndication, as well as providing a robust framework for managing rich-media applications, and developing a variety of online workflows for video.

Flexible Learning and Information Services continue to work together to support the integration of Kaltura CE with UR Courses in order to enhance our media delivery and archiving practices.