Fact sheets can be used for multiple purposes: as information sharing during the course; as formative assessment; as a way to consolidate information generated or collected from collaborative assignments; to disseminate research, even as part of the final examination process.

What is a Fact Sheet?

Fact sheets are a method of condensing technical, scientific and/or academic information into an easily readable format for an audience not familiar with the extent of material, usually in a one or two page handout. Fact sheet assignments can be tailored to your specific course assessment needs, either simple or complex. Students would need to evaluate the relevant sources and select those most relevant to the assignment question posed. See Newcastle University Centre for Teaching and Learning, Assessment Task

Instructions for descriptions of assignment requirements.


Since fact sheets can be used to consolidate extensive information on a subject, it can be used to assess students’ ability to consolidate a wide range of material and to share or teach it to others.

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  • Fact sheets should be written in easily understandable language.
  • Graphics can be used as interest on the page (see resources section).
  • Assess the fact sheet so as to ensure the students have checked facts and figures for accuracy.
  • Encourage students to use interesting layout design.
  • They can be presented as web-pages, print materials, infographics, posters, slide presentations, etc.

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