UR Courses: What's New in Moodle 3.1.7

UR Courses was upgraded to Moodle 3.1.7 for the Fall 2017 semester.

The latest version of UR Courses has some new features worth noting and numerous bug fixes. For more detailed information from Moodle regarding this upgrade, please refer to the release notes for Moodle 3.1.7 and earlier.

Additional UR Courses manuals and guides are available on the Technology Learning Centre website.

UR Courses was previously upgraded from Moodle 3.1.5 to Moodle 3.1.7 for the Spring/Summer 2017 semester.

Turnitin Availability

The Turnitin integration within UR Courses is now available to all instructors. Learn more about using Turnitin in your course as a student or an instructor.

A picture showing an essay within the Turnitin Feedback Studio

Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom makes it possible to add web conference meetings to your course. Learn more about using Zoom as a student or an instructor.

A picture showing the various devices that support Zoom

Heatmap Block

When added to a course, the Heatmap block will add coloured backgrounds and view counts to help instructors identify how frequently different areas of the course are accessed. This view is not visible to students and it can be easily disabled by clicking a toggle link within the block. The block uses data from the course logs and the course start date, and can be used within a course at any time as long as log data is present.

Edit all activity dates

A new report found in the Course administration block under Reports > Dates allows you to edit the dates for all activities within a course from a single page.